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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Linda Richards

               I graduated from the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. I came to Monroe County shortly afterward to work for Dr. Janet Hoke at Valley Vet Clinic in Pickaway, WV. Through this job I met my husband, Noel Boggess, who is a dairy farmer in Peterstown, WV. I then moved to Peterstown and opened Tri-County Veterinary Services in January of 1996.

              Through the 20 years of practice in Monroe County, Tri-County has flourished! Thanks to the many loyal clients we have! I love working with my clients, four legs and 2 legs! Tri-County works hard to offer excellent services at reasonable prices so every animal can have the medical attention that they deserve. We work with many rescue organizations and offer reduced rates for these organizations.

               We have three wonderful children and a farm full of all kinds of critters. I am very thankful for all the support the community has continuously given us through the years.

Dr. Faye Goodling


                Being the youngest of five and growing up on a dairy farm in south central Pennsylvania, from the time I was born, God instilled deep in my heart a love for animals – horses in particular.

                At age 14, while helping Doc Shultz treat one of our Holsteins for milk fever, I knew I wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. Without the support of my parents and little confidence in surviving college or vet school, I settled for becoming a licensed animal technician and worked for a large animal vet in my hometown of Carlisle for 6 years.

                During this time I took a 6 month leave of absence, joined Christian Veterinary Mission, and moved to Haiti to be part of a team to place a full time vet in the country. It was a life changing experience.

                A few years later I attended Eastern Farrier School in Martinsville, VA to learn how to trim and shoe horses. I ran my own shoeing business for 5 years.

                Then through some odd circumstances, I moved to Silver Spring, MD, just above Washington, DC. Shortly after adopting a black and white German Shepherd from a shelter who I named Maggie, god revealed to me through some faithful friends that I was to apply to veterinarian school.

                If you think God doesn’t perform miracles today, I’m here as a witness to say that he does. At age 40, with 20 year old college grades, an associate degree in science, and not much money, I was admitted into Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine after just 2 attempts.

                My dog Maggie and I packed up in July 1998 and moved to Eggleston, VA in Giles County. In my 4th year of vet school I spent 3 weeks with Linda at Tri-County Vet. Driving through Monroe and Summers County, I fell in love with the area. A few months later, Linda offered me a job doing the farm calls and working on large animals. That was 12 years ago.

                God has blessed me with an 1870’s log cabin on some land in the mountains, 3 horses, 1 dog, and 10 cats. So I’m living my dream working as a large animal vet and living in the mountains with all of my animals.

                In my off time, if I’m not trail riding with Sunset, I am a trooper in the 2nd U.S. Co. A Calvalry doing Civil War reenactments. 

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